sticking to it

I try to stick to a fairly strict sleep schedule. It seems to help a little. I take more care in sticking to the nighttime sleep (from midnight to 8) than to the naps (an hour between 12 and 14, and an hour between 17 and 19). I need to try and stick to the naptimes more.

I think it helps to nap before I get really tired, before I get a sleep-attack. Of course, I can’t prevent the yawning (that’ll start an hour, maybe two, after getting up), but hopefully, I can smooth everything out a little. If I take naps, I have less automatic behaviour epispodes. I get less violent sleep attacks. I do, however, get more violent ones if I take naps for a few days and then skip them.

Once I get used to it, everything seems to get worse if I skip it.

So I fight it. I hate how I absolutely need it. How it chops up my day and makes me stop doing whatever I do and sleep.

I don’t like to sleep.

I used to love it…

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