Danger, Will Robinson, danger!

I’ve had increasingly more accidents. Some small, I miscalculate and walk right into a door (could happen to anyone, right? maybe not as often though…). Some bigger, like the time I dropped my (sharp) kitchenknife and tried to catch it. That time involved blood, though not too much.

Yesterday I did something really stupid, which possibly could have happened to anyone. But I know better than to throw a frozen piece of fish into hot oil. The oil splattered, caught fire, and voom! The oil in the pan caught fire too. After initially jumping backwards, I grabbed the lid, put it on, then put in on correctly, and turned of the gas. It happened quick, and I handled it well.

But it should not have happened. I know better than to do what I did.

The thing is, I didn’t know I did what I did, until I did it. I mean, in my memory I put oil in the pan and put in the fish straight away. I do this frequently, the oil warms up while the fish thaws and this prevents most splattering.

Except, the oil had heated up way more than I thought and I had not turned down the intensity of the fire (I put it on low, normally). I realise it doesn’t take that long for oil to heat up, however, it takes longer than what I thought passed between the two events.

I think I had a microsleep, and at a very unfortunate time too. It gave me a good scare, and though I know I can’t prevent everything, I will take certain precautions while cooking (eg. no more frying for a while).

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