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Ruby Off Rails

A couple of weeks ago, i signed up for the Ruby Off Rails Course by Jesse Wolgamott. I have tried several courses over the years to learn a new programming language or to extend my programming skills. But this is kind of a new one. This course has a personal note. There is a mailinglist. A channel on HipChat to exchange about the course and the assisgnments. Some participants are following each other on twitter. There are also office hours where you can talk up to 30 minutes to Jesse about all things related to Ruby and the course. It is like a little family. Everyone is helping out.

When you sign up, you will get 13 Screencasts. Each screencast has a average runtime of 60 minutes and you can watch Jesse solving a real world programming problem in every one of them. After this it is your turn. You have to fork the project for the episode on github and work your way through the different Levels.

When you think that all problems are solved and the tests are all green, you send a pull request. Jesse will have a look at your code and give you feedback. All this things i have not seen in any of the courses i have taken over the years - that does not mean that the other courses are bad, they just do not fit my needs. This way to learn helps me a lot. It is also great to see Jesse work in the screencasts. Which tools he is using. How he writes code and tests.

Another great thing is, that this course is free for women. This is bridging a gap and a really good thing! Students will get a discount as well. So if you want to learn the Ruby programming language, i recommand you to sign up for the next course. Your money is very well spend.

I have disabled the comments on this blog, but if you have any questions, feel free to ping me on twitter.

Hello World

Hello World - helloWorld.rb
puts 'Hello World'